Suction filters are used as safety filters to protect pumps from gross contamination which can cause them to grip. They are available in 3 styles: STR series immersed filters FAS external filters, for mounting above the oil level SF2 external filters, for mounting semi-immersed under the oil level SF2 semi-immersed filters, which shut off oil flow while the filter element is being replaced, replace the butterfly valves usually used for servicing hydraulic pumps.
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    Vacuum switches and gauges,Pressure switches and gauges,Differential pressure indicators,Also available with temperature lockout options.
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  • STR
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    Submerged suction filter, flow rates up to 900 l/min (238 gpm), threaded connections from 3/8” to 3” BSP/NPT
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  • SF2 250 - 350
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    SF2 250 - 350

    Semi-submerged positive head suction filter, flow rates up to 160 l/min (43 gpm), threaded connections up to 1 1/2” BSP/NPT/SAE and 1 1/2" SAE 3000 PSI flanged connections
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  • SF2 500
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    SF2 500

    Semi-submerged positive head suction filter, flow rates up to 850 l/min (225 gpm),flanged connections up to 4” SAE 3000 PSI
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  • FAS
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    External suction filter, flow rates up to 850 l/min (225 gpm), threaded connections up to 1/2” to 2 1/2” BSP/NPT and flanged connections up to 3 1/2” SAE 3000 PSI
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Manufacturer of Pressure Filters, Inline Filters & Return Filters offered by MP Filtri. the intersection of enginnering knowledge and business understanding which make it a reliable partner in procuring and supplying for Iranian industrialists and strives to play a helping role in Industry..

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MP Filtri designs, develops, manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of hydraulic filters and hydraulic accessories for the fluid power industry. All their innovative filtration products undergo a series of computer aided designs and are developed to incorporate high efficiency elements to meet the cleanliness standards demanded in today's hydraulic systems.

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